Reasons People 50 and Older (50+) Choose to Become Entrepreneurs

  1. After years of working for others, acting in accordance with established policies and procedures, creating their own business can enable them to “march to their own drummer”.
  2. Many people 50+ are attracted by the opportunity to create a business that is responsive to their own unique needs, interests, and desires.
  3. Almost 80% of people 50+ want to continue working, more than half in part-time work; the motivation: they need or want additional income, have a desire to continue in productive activities, or for a variety of other reasons including a recognition that they may be living for 30 more years or longer.
  4. People 50+ have many years of experience, expertise, seasoned judgment, and proven performance to support creating a new business.
  5. People 50+ may have developed excellent contacts in the business world that can facilitate their new business venture.
  6. People 50+ may have accumulated funds to support a new business, may have contacts in the financial world that can provide some financing assistance, and can in any event start small in their own home.
  7. People 50+ who have continued in productive activities live longer, enjoy better health, and report greater satisfaction with life than those who don’t.

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