Join us for a meeting on June 23 at the West View Recreation Center in Westminster. This meeting is for people 50 and older who are ready to forge ahead in the next phase of their lives.

More than 111 million Americans are 50 and older (50+), and multiple millions of them want or need to be productively engaged. With high unemployment and low economic growth, multiple millions of people 50+ want or need to continue working.
An aging and shrinking workforce requires that employers utilize substantially more qualified workers 50+ through full-time jobs, providing flexible workplace options, and developing other ways that enable these people to be productively engaged where they are qualified and ready to continue adding value.
The National Economy
The National Economy
With continued high unemployment among people 50+ and low economic growth, it is a clear imperative for the government to provide an environment that encourages, supports and sustains more entrepreneurship and financial education among people 50 and over.
Changing the National Mindset
Negative thinking about aging must be replaced by a positive belief that people over 50 are a valuable resource. In Germany for example, there are more people over 50 creating businesses and buying stocks than those under 30. Click here to read here:

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Forging Ahead at 50 and Older —
Create Your Own Business
We believe that people 50 and older need to be educated and informed about the multiple options that enable them to be productively engaged and socially connected. We continue to believe that new business creation is a viable option for people 50 and older who are qualified and want or need to continue working.

Center for Productive Longevity (CPL)

Bill Webster, Carol Gardner and Bud Sorenson in serious discussion

With high unemployment and low economic growth at present and projected for the foreseeable future, CPL has devoted the last four years to stimulating new-business creation for people 50+ where they are qualified and ready to continue adding value. The result not only enables this large and growing population segment to continue working but also contributes to increased employment and economic growth on the national level.