Unemployment for workers 50+ is substantially higher than the official U.S. figures and economic growth low for the foreseeable future.  CPL has initiated a series of four meetings for people 50 and older to create a greater awareness and understanding about the benefits of pursuing the entrepreneurial path.

The focus of these four meetings, purposely planned for different parts of the country, is to build a national momentum for new-business creation at a time when recent surveys indicate that 80 percent of the Baby Boomers intend to remain productively engaged after leaving regular career jobs.  This creation of new businesses would not only be in their individual interest but also in the national interest by reducing unemployment and increasing economic growth. 

An important goal for these meetings is to publicize and promote the entrepreneurial path for people 50+.  The goal will be to build a national momentum for the substantial creation of more entrepreneurial endeavors. 

America was built on the foundation of an enterprising spirit and self-reliance.  Creation of new businesses exemplifies the pioneering spirit and can achieve the following objectives:

• Enable workers 50+ to remain productively engaged, instead of sitting on the sidelines and drawing from instead of contributing to our economy

• Reduce unemployment and increase our national productivity

• Contribute to the country’s economic growth

The meetings are for a maximum of 100 participants 50+ with the same objective: to increase awareness and understanding about the benefits of taking the entrepreneurial path.

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