The mission of the Center for Productive Longevity (CPL), a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, is to stimulate the substantially increased engagement of people 50 and older (50+) in productive activities, paid and volunteer, where they are qualified and ready to continue adding value. In furtherance of its mission, with high unemployment and low economic growth following the Great Recession that impacted the U.S. in late 2007, CPL has been focused on entrepreneurship because it is the most viable option for people 50+ to continue working where they are qualified and ready to do so.

Entrepreneurship has been the backbone of the country’s economy since its inception, not only providing work for the new-business creator but also increasing employment and economic growth on the national level. CPL is dedicated to playing a leadership role in this vital arena.

The objectives of CPL are as follows:

Bill Webster, Carol Gardner and Bud Sorenson in serious discussion

  • Demonstrate the positive impact that utilizing workers 50+ will have on meeting the needs of employers for skilled, experienced workers in coming decades
  • Stimulate employers to substantially increase the utilization of workers 50+ who are qualified and willing to continue in productive activities
  • Persuade employers to develop flexible workplace policies and practices that will retain and attract workers 50+ to continue in productive activities 
  • Increase awareness and understanding among people 50+ about the benefits and opportunities of building entrepreneurial activities or otherwise adding value
  • Increase understanding about the impact of aging demographics on the U.S. economy and on our entire society in accordance with the new realities 
  • Expand understanding about the impact of demographic change in other countries around the world and the need to take appropriate action now.

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