Attributes for Successful Aging

  1. A positive, “can-do”, enthusiastic attitude
  2. An optimistic but realistic view of life and what it has to offer
  3. A sense of humor, beginning with the ability to laugh at yourself
  4. A feeling of self-esteem and self-worth, based on who you are and what you have accomplished in life
  5. A set of values that supports your feeling of self-esteem and that make you feel comfortable with yourself
  6. An ability to be honest and open with yourself, as well as with others
  7. A recognition that you–nobody else–are responsible for the satisfaction and enjoyment you derive from the rest of your life
  8. An understanding that motivation is an internal force, although it can be affected by external factors, and that you are responsible for that force
  9. A resourceful and resilient spirit–the ability to make the most of situations and to “roll with the punches”
  10. Flexibility and adaptability in dealing with change; ability to move in different directions when necessary
  11. A commitment to continuous learning and to expand your knowledge base through further education and actual experience–to remain intellectually engaged.
  12. A dedication to physical fitness which encompasses regular exercise, balanced and healthy diet, adequate but not excessive sleep, and other relevant factors
  13. A willingness to reach out for the development of new relationships, particularly with younger people, and new experiences in life–to remain socially connected
  14. A devotion to emotional and spiritual well being
  15. A determination to treat problems and crises as challenges and learning opportunities–and to remember that things can always be worse
  16. An ability to live for the present and plan for the future, rather than to dwell on the past (e.g., end the negative energy devoted to past grievances, hurts and disappointments)
  17. A commitment to setting ambitious but achievable goals for what you want to accomplish during the rest of your life—and to attaining them
  18. A dedication to doing things right, rather than excusing what you do that is wrong
  19. An ability to understand the meaning of life and its essential importance to your place on earth
  20. A determination to make the most of each day: “Learn as if to live forever. Live as if to die tomorrow”

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