PRESS RELEASE: Five Two-Part Events Planned for 2014

In collaboration with Jeff Williams, President of, we are holding a series of five two-part events in Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas and Seattle.  The first part will be a 2 ½ hour evening session for people 50+ on “50 and Older-Start Anew”, which will focus on the rewards and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur, and a two-day workshop on new-business creation for not more than 30 participants on the how-tos of creating a successful new business.

Speakers in the first part will be Bill Zinke, meeting Chair; and Jeff Williams, President of and trainer of 1,000 people 50+ over the past 20 years on how to become successful entrepreneurs.  The charges are $59 for the general session and $900 for the workshop, which includes a package of planning materials and personal counseling by Jeff Williams, who will lead the workshops.

The workshops are an integral part of these events.  In 2012, CPL held afternoon workshops following the meetings, but the planned workshops in 2014 are two-day, intensive and interactive events that are planned to enable participants to create a successful new business.  Thirty participants will be the maximum number and if there is adequate demand, additional workshops will be provided.

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