Building Blocks



The Center for Productive Longevity (CPL) is focused on stimulating the increased opportunities for older people to continue in productive activities in their daily lives as well as their work lives, where they are qualified and ready to continue adding value.

With unemployment high and slow economic growth for the foreseeable future, CPL has initiated four meetings, “Spotlight on Entrepreneurship for Baby Boomers”, to increase awareness and understanding among people 50 and older (50+) about the benefits and opportunities of entrepreneurship.  Most people 50+ are better educated and healthier than their counterparts of 20 or 30 years ago, and are proven to be better suited for entrepreneurship than younger people. From the standpoint of opportunity, there are more possibilities open now than at any time in our country’s past.  They are in the best position to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs. The goal of the meetings is to develop a national momentum for business creation by people 50+, which will reduce unemployment, increase GDP, and contribute to America’s economic growth.

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