The Later-Life Story Contest - Entrepreneurship Success Stories

The Center for Productive Longevity would like to hear your story of later-life entrepreneurial success!  We encourage your creativity and willingness to share what differentiates your venture in the hopes of (1) stimulating others to continue leading meaningful and rewarding lives after 55, (2) demonstrating that older people can remain productively engaged after traditional retirement age, and (3) changing the pervasive national mindset that when people reach a certain age, they should move to the sidelines. 

Tell us about your successful enterprise, and here are some questions that may be helpful:

  • Describe your business, the need it fulfills, and the practices that contributed to its success.
  • What motivated you to pursue entrepreneurship in this next stage of life?
  • What criteria do you use to measure your success?
  • What have been the measurable impacts of your venture?  (i.e. economic, community, geographic, other) 
  • What tools or resources were or would have been most helpful in the start-up process?
  • What adversities or obstacles have you encountered and how were they overcome?
  • What “lessons learned” would you share with Baby Boomers just starting on the entrepreneurial path?

Submissions will be judged on how well they: 

  1. Tell a compelling story.
  2. Describe an innovative/ creative/ interesting new-business or way of doing business.
  3. Clearly describe criteria used to determine success.
  4. Demonstrate a clearly measurable impact/ success.
  5. Clearly describe the tools/ resources that are helpful in the entrepreneurial process.
  6. Provide practical guidance for overcoming the adversities or obstacles of new-business creation.
  7. Provide innovative/ inspiring advice for other Baby Boomers just starting on the entrepreneurial path.



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Please limit your submissions to not more than 1,200 words. 

Stories may also be submitted in Word or PDF format to James R. Hooks, Director of Marketing and Technology, at [email protected]

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